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Sun 23rd Feb 2020 11:50am
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Joined:April 24th 2016
.i am weeping now
i love him so much
his music was there
for me as a kid
when i wasn't there
for myself
he was my freaky
little guardian
angel, singing
"sweet baby" in my
ear when i cried
about the men
who put their
hands on me,
told me stories of
his nasty exploits
to cheer me up,
widening his
vibrato with
every breath
i took
he was always
there to reassure
me that it was okay
to be weird
to be girly
that if he
a man who
was actually
only into women
could dress like
then why couldn't
someone who never
really even felt like
a woman let alone
a man
more so something that
no one could ever understand
but myself
and that freaky little guardian
angel soul screaming me to sleep
through those shitty little earbuds
i was weeping then
and i'm weeping now
it is selfish to
but i must
for i know he is
repaving the gold
streets purple
strumming those
harps chicken grease
style and firing those
stupid angels for
not knowing how to
run the sound board
he's happier than
he ever was
& i'll ever be down
i can't wait to meet him
sing gospel together
and ask him how he
gets it to sound so
nasty on that harp
he'll just roll his eyes
and chuckle when i say
heaven is a lot more
cliché than I thought
it'd actually be
there will be no weeping
but i'm weeping now
they say people
are ageless when
they're in heaven
so tell me
how he remained so ageless
on our old melting earth
maybe he never really was
here like we were
just hanging out for a bit
waiting for the boat
to come and take him away
with all the other
purple boys and girls
to a place with no weeping
i'm waiting too
in the meantime
i am weeping now.

-written by me high on grief and heavy painkillers
Name:Shady Cups
Location:St. Louis, MO, USA
E-mail:(Not disclosed, but click here to mail through!)
Gender:Not sure
Fan level:Obsessed
Hobbies:Listening to, learning, studying, living, breathing, creating music. Studying English and Film Production. Hope to be a musician/pop star/filmmaker/writer when I grow up. Unlikely, but dreams are cool.
Age:Almost 21
Birthday:May 15
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