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Tue 20th Aug 2019 5:33am
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Joined:February 19th 2002
i'm the biggest fam of prince in my country.
i've reached a fam level over the usual fans,
u know what i mean, ain't obsessed but he's my god.
Name:Martin Lazaro
Location:Miramar, FL, USA
Homepage:coming soon
Fan level:Hardcore
Hobbies:i'm an amateur comic artist, looking my chance 2 be known.
Favorite albums:1999, purple rain, sign o' the times, gold experience, the rainbow children, lovesexy, diamonds and pearls, o(+>, rave...crystal ball, etc (umh i think all r my fav albums each album has something special)
Favorite songs:kiss, willing and able, vavavoom, mad, sexy mf, still would stand all time, gold,baby knows, come on...many more
Favorite (other)
lenny kravitz, d'angelo, maxwell, alicia keys
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