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Is it safe to say Batman is one of Prince's best 80s albums?

Prince: Music and More 09/26/18 8:01am

The Truth ~ the Artist

Prince: Music and More 09/26/18 7:25am

New Football League

General Discussion 09/26/18 3:44am

Romanticizing Poverty

Politics & Religion 09/26/18 3:37am

G Eazy "Random"

Music: Non-Prince 09/25/18 9:02pm

Interview with photographer Allen Beaulieu about Prince

Prince: Music and More 09/25/18 5:40pm

Sharon Nelson speaks on 20/20

Prince: Music and More 09/25/18 3:52pm

The world laughs at our head Buffoon.

Politics & Religion 09/25/18 3:33pm

Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 - 10 years in prison.

General Discussion 09/25/18 1:11pm

What is something you would go back and tell your younger self?

General Discussion 09/25/18 11:41am

Prince Playing Card

Prince: Music and More 09/25/18 10:11am

Simple Minds tour 2018

Music: Non-Prince 09/25/18 6:50am

Put this together to rock the bells in Richmond, VA

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 09/25/18 6:23am

MMC (Mickey Mouse Club) 25tth Anniversary Thread

Music: Non-Prince 09/25/18 5:04am

Drums: Early Records vs Later Records

Prince: Music and More 09/25/18 4:47am

Do people even know what "Nazi" means anymore?

Politics & Religion 09/25/18 4:22am

soi keo bong da ngoai hang anh bang xep hang bong da

General Discussion 09/25/18 2:39am

Hurt and betrayed

Prince: Music and More 09/24/18 9:54pm

Kansas City downtown parking...any ideas?

Fan Gatherings 09/24/18 6:43pm

90’s music from P.

Prince: Music and More 09/24/18 4:42pm

What comes with the Piano & Microphone vinyl?

Prince: Music and More 09/24/18 3:37pm

Admit is, naysayers. P&M '83 is overachieving on the charts.

Prince: Music and More 09/24/18 3:20pm

Ben Shapiro tells Dave Rubin that he is a dirty gay sinner, Rubin pouts.

Politics & Religion 09/24/18 3:04pm

UGK - Ridin' Dirty

Music: Non-Prince 09/24/18 2:17pm

Nappily Ever After - the film

General Discussion 09/24/18 12:35pm