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Fri 13th Dec 2019 2:17pm
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Thread started 07/31/19 1:37pm


Alpha Romeo Band in Chicago

Good Weekend everyone, I'm moving this from another thread as it seems more suitable for this one

In my younger days (I'm 56 now), me,along with my childhood best friend and bassist, carl, cofounded an R&B pop group called Alpha Romeo in chicago. Like a lot of musicians & bands in the 80's we were heavily influenced by Prince and the whole minneapolis scene,but right off the bat,We tended to focus moreso on writing and performing our own songs rather than do covers by other artists. In 1988, local chicago radio station, WBMX, co-sponsored a songwriting contest called the WBMX Budweiser showdown, in which local unsigned(amateur) groups/artists etc could send in their original songs, withthe top 2 songs/acts w being invited to perform live in the finals, with first place getting a 12 inch record pressing of their song. We came in 2nd place, and although we did not come in first, we went on to release our song "Love Sex or money,"ourselves on our own newly formed independent label. I cowrote the song along with my friend and bass player affter I'd met a young woman and being curious about what her true intentions were from our relationship. The band stayed together for a good while afterward, but in 2017, our lead singer/front man and my dear friend, Dewayne Holmes aka Nikki D. passed away sadly. I miss him dearly and wish that we could have worked on more together. Dewayne did however get to do what he loved (music),by working in the industry as a record promoter, and received gold records for the ones that went on to become hits. Lastly,andthankfully,one of the band members' father videotaped our performance, which was at the Taste Entertainment center on chicago's southside.Below. is a link to the video. After the performance portion is over on the video, our manager at the time, put together a montage of pictures and music of the band toward the end of the video. Hope you enjoy! icon_lol.gif

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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > Alpha Romeo Band in Chicago