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Thread started 10/10/18 7:33am



New Eminem, Venom.

This good:

We all pissed.

All you others say Hell Yea!! woot!
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Reply #1 posted 10/10/18 11:37pm


* I believe it is perfectly fine to allow an artist to be called Vernon if he wants. He seems angry with other names like gelatin, tylenol, elephant and skeleton. I have no problem calling the man Vernon.

* If I found a CD-like disc making a sound and making concentric circles like the guy in the video did, the last thing I'd want to do is pack the disc away in my bag & board the bus. Maybe the only exception would be if it was the last bus service for the night. If I boarded the bus I'd still be looking at that Magical Disc I just found. I would not have it tucked away in the bag. It's magical, not mundane. Why was it put away? Maybe the 'black disc' infection makes you think the magical is mundane.

* The young man seems to board the bus without any proof of payment. I believe this sends a negative message to all bus-goers. A moment earlier he tells the bus driver, "yo, wait up" despite heading towards the bus from the front in full view of the driver...and despite the bus being very close to him and not moving. It just sounded odd, forced and unnecessary.

* If Ihad a creepy-crawly on my neck like the young man in the bus, I'd reflexively move my hand toward it quickly to get the thing off, as any non-actor real person would. Maybe it cannot be felt?

* Children have higher lighting standards than adults. Vernon seems happy (?) with one main light while rapping in relative darkness, but the young boy is seen tearing shit up in his apartment due to IKEA delivering the wrong furnishings. Sure, he has several lights warmly lighting up his beautiful apartment, but he's angry, and rightly so. He demands a proper study light which he still hasn't received. He needs to begin his studies on why the USA has unpayable debt, the stolen 21 trillion in invstigated so far, plus Weather Wars, Geoengineering, GMOs, The Rothschilds, The Federal Reserve and the Vatican. Plus he needs to find out just who owns the Interscope label that Vernon loves so much. Who wants to end up being a rapper offering no solutions who occasionally barks at Presidential Puppets for Easy Likes?

* Asian lady can not walk straight without unrealistically bumping into guys dressed like bankers, apparently (despite not being infected when doing so). Others have walking issues too, and none of them have a verbal exchange after they bump into each other. Odd. But Asian lady can thrust an Old Man into the air without so much as making physical contact with him. Magical Remote Air Punch! The Old Man can fall from several storeys height after being Magic-Air-Punched and land safely too. This infection is cool.

* the black urine trajectory coming out of the dog is just wrong. So is the dog's completely normal 'standing' stance with oddly-lifted leg. This was approved?

* Vernon magically turns into a menacing dinosaur creature at the end. Woah! He is beautiful.

* we are now prompted to look for this Vernon release on Interscope in order to enrich the parent company so that we may receive more good art like this which allows us to vent at The Man for not calling Vernon by his name, while 'They' simultaneously blame Vernon for all the problems in their lives and the lives of their children.

I wish to visit the FAT establishment depicted in the video which none of our infected souls were able to reach.

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Reply #2 posted 10/11/18 8:39pm


awhh Shadys back...again cool

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Reply #3 posted 10/13/18 7:05am


I saw the movie and heard the track--they go well enough together!

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Reply #4 posted 10/13/18 9:25am



I kinda like the track, but it feels like he always puts out the same kind of music.

There is not much variety right? Angry rapper on a beat.

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Reply #5 posted 10/19/18 2:04am


There's not enough Art in this song.

Eminem used to be a wicked lyricist back in the day - a way with words. Can we have some more of that, please?

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Reply #6 posted 10/19/18 2:33am



Still sounds like this tbh

[Edited 10/19/18 2:34am]

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