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Thread started 05/07/17 11:48pm


British 80's Band The La's:Rock/Indie

I've only recently discovered The La's and am very proud to say they are in my top 10 all time bands. Some beleive they are the greatest band ever. They were together from around 1983 to 1991. They got together again just a few more times. I'd much rather admire a band which no longer exists than some current ones that I have to hold my nose listening to or just boring.

The rhythm guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, leader of the band was Lee Mavers from the Liverpool area. His work has flavors of 60's rock, is complex and virtually impossible to imitate. It's pre- Brithishpop. He used different guitars for different songs and had a secret, unusual ways of tuning each one. He could make his guitar sound like 3 different guitars. Some impressive vocal harmonies.

Lee Mavers reminds me of Prince in his independence and uncompromising principles. No studio recording, producer could get the music to sound the way Lee had in mind. He wanted it raw, rootsy, with all the textures which can be heard live. His label insisted on getting their studio investment back and released the album without the band's permission. Yet nearly everyone but Lee have been very pleased with it. There could have been more albums but Lee was not about money or fame. He is doing well enough with royalties and it doing other things now.

Some of his songs are catchy but do not use the word pop around him. Nothing pop about him. They all have a majestic energy, all orginal with many profound lyrics. Youtube as many of his songs in various forms. He has material for a second album. His fans are devestated he has never recorded it.

See All Music reviews.

Be sure to check out: Is It Something I Said, There She Goes, Feel'in or Feeling, as well as other songs to get a good understanding of his music. Their first and only offical album is called "The La's."

Is It Something I Said best version to me has a green drum on video. The bass comes through well and is stunning, top quality.

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Reply #1 posted 05/11/17 11:51am


I used to love There She Goes back then - it's so sweet and lilting! smile

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Reply #2 posted 05/21/17 6:21am


I love There She Goes too. Shame I discoved them late. They were in my town in 1991 but I didn't know then. Lee Mavers the songwriter and leader disowned the album but critics gave it high marks. Companies were fighting to get The La's to sign, they were supposed to become huge. They only did one album because Lee wanted more control of the sound. As the artist he was angry about that lack of power. He just walked away and refued to promote the album. He wanted it to sound more raw, rootsy like a live show. He said it was over produced and sounded like a snake with a broken back - in promotion interviews. He has a way with words. He's a perfectionist. In that way he reminds me of Prince. I respect Lee a great deal. Glad the record co put it out anyway though or we would have never heard it.

The rest of the album is very different, less popish than There She Goes. Take a listen to the upbeat Feelin' maybe my favorite. Other songs I love are Son of a Gun, Timeless Melody, IOU, Looking Glass. I Am The Key is mezmorizing, like getting high without drugs. The Key song isn't on the album so just search for it on youtube. Fans have put many songs and live shows on youtube, check them out! Amazing the still have such a big following and a fan forum after all they years. The internet is full of articles about them and Lee the "genius recluse lost boy." Many are still obessessed with Lee and the La's almost like a cult. They reformed breifly in 2005 and did a tour.


Something I Said (that bass)

I Am The Key (you are the door, do you know what you're lookin for)

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