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Thread started 04/21/17 11:24am



Sum it up! Your year without him

Okay so I've been off the organization since May of last year and I kind of stayed away from Prince related stuff since then. So obviously I'm out of the loop.

Have any of you learned anything new or felt different towards him since his heavenly departure?

Note: I don't need any hateration on this dancery today.
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Reply #1 posted 04/21/17 12:30pm


Well a year ago today I hadn't really heard any of Prince's songs. Except those few odd songs that are on Spotify (I've probably heard 2045: Radical Man more than anyone lol), maybe Purple Rain once or twice, and oddly enough Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad, and liked what I heard, but I hadn't really paid attention. I knew of his reputation and that he was a legend and all, and if more of his music had been available for free I definitely would have listened, but I wasn't willing to shell out 10 bucks for an album yet. But once he died and his music got on YouTube I became hooked, pretty much from the start. I entered April 22nd 2016 a Prince fan. I spent last summer grooving to his hits that made it on YouTube (I played the Hallway Speech version of Computer Blue into the ground as well), and bought my first album, SOTT, in September. From then to now I've become "that Prince guy" to a lot of people at school, and I've gone from having one album to having 15, including most of the 80's albums, One Nite Alone, and most recently the Deliverance EP. In the space of a year I've pretty much become a Prince nut.
I could go on and on about how much he and his music mean to me, but I'll just say he's far and away my favorite artist and my life wouldn't be the same without him. Purple love to him and to you all! 💜
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Reply #2 posted 04/21/17 4:31pm



Last year, up until the moment I heard the news I was all excited because I just knew he'd make his way close by eventually. sigh

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Reply #3 posted 04/21/17 4:39pm



Like A Hell Runneth over

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Reply #4 posted 04/21/17 4:49pm


My year has been a wondrous albeit bittersweet journey discovering more Prince than I knew existed. I was an avid fan for most of his career, but fell off the grid after Planet Earth and some personal developments. His death brought me to the prince Org, which inspired me to fill in the gaps of his discography that I didn't have, revisit his music I had but didn't play as much as my favorites, discover the wonderful world of his unreleased songs, and sample a variety of amazing concerts throughout his career. At the same time that I have re-discovered the magic of the his unparalleled music, I have become more profoundly aware of the pain of his departure. Ultimately I feel we have been blessed by his life and the music he left behind.

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Reply #5 posted 04/21/17 4:54pm




panpac777 said:

Like A Hell Runneth over

*... "ive always said, that if you have to ask for something more than once or twice, it wasnt yours in the first place"...*
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Reply #6 posted 04/21/17 4:57pm



I am feeling a bit sad and empty, since april 2016.

No more concerts and no more new releases.


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Reply #7 posted 04/21/17 5:53pm



I still find it surreal that he's actually dead but he released a ton of music so he's very much alive. And to be honest I stopped desparately anticipating new releases from him after "Emancipation".

1980-1995 really is all the Prince one needs. That doesn't mean I don't want more! lol. But those 15 years give you every facet of his art.

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Reply #8 posted 04/22/17 4:10pm



Quite frankly, the end of April 2016 and May 2016, I was an absolute fucking mess. I went through all my CDs and CDRs and made a Prince box for my car, and spent hours every day listening in there (always my favorite place to listen).

I am lucky to have an understanding and loving partner, but I also feel like there's a piece of me..a really fucking cool part of me, one that got me through everyfuckingthing, always, and that nobody else in my life (outside of the Org) fully understood.. that part of me is gone. It's not just the music
..I mean it's all about the music, but it's about the way that there was always more, and anticipating a new album or tour or music club or release of some song he name dropped... Always having that sense of excitement and wonder. My world might have been full of shit and darkness, but he and his music were undeniable proof that there was love, and happiness, and confidence, and just fucking warm brilliance in the world too. And that got me through.

My life is really good now, better then I ever imagined, but like anyone I have stressors like bills to pay (my hairdresser's not gay), aging parents, a tendency towards self-destruction, soul-crushing depression, a flair for the dramatic, etc. ... And while I've gotten to the point where I can still get inspiration and strength from the music, it's not the same. Because now that magic, hard-to-believe-anyone-could-give-so-much-to-the-world, mysterious, unpredictable little man isn't here anymore. There will never be anything truly new. It's still very hard for me to accept that. And it's very hard for me to reveal the depth of my connection with his music and his world, and it feels a bit like I'm talkin' 'bout the lonely cold, mama.
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Reply #9 posted 04/22/17 4:40pm



Bizarre..sad, grateful, anxious, baffled..a far no change in year 2

..Hello, who is it?
Yes, this is a prettyman, Princey!
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