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Sun 8th Dec 2019 11:57pm
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Thread started 05/04/16 6:58pm


13 days Later...The Fragility of Life

Like many of you, there have been ups and downs in my mourning process for Prince. Today is more of a down day. The "Nothing Compares 2 U" on the radio (heard it on the DL Hughley show). The growing stack of Prince tribute magazines next to my chair and I can't read any of them just yet. The DVR filled with newscasts from almost two weeks ago and videos I can't watch but don't want to erase. I'm not "crying" upset. I'm more like "damn, Prince, why" upset. The Org has been so helpful during the last two weeks, a lot of you have said so much better than I could how I feel. Prince was not family, never met the man. But the loss feels like a life tangent...Prince was my last hero and I'm too old to pick another one. It's different than when my father died. When that happened, I was literally in a weird kind of daze for several months after. I was completely convinced that a certain star in the sky was my father watching me...we all cope different ways. This is different than that but the finalness of all of it makes me sad and pisses me off at the same time. No more new albums, no more suprise appearances, no more speculation that Prince will return as the music artist at next year's Super Bowl. He lives on through his music, that part will not die but death to me is like we're all on this bus and when someone dies, they get off the bus and the rest of us keep going and we watch the person in the rear view. It feels weird that Prince is in the rear view.

All good things they say never last...
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Forums > Prince: Music and More > 13 days Later...The Fragility of Life