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Thread started 04/28/16 5:33am


Lessons learned

There were many threads I wished to respond to this past week. I was a member here many years ago (lurking mostly) but details escaped me so I had to create a new account, and today is my first chance to post. Like all of you, it's been tough.

Waking to the news Friday morning my eyes quickly flooded with tears, and they didn’t cease to fall for most of the day. I didn’t cry, I sobbed, until my eyes burned like they do from salt after a swim in the sea. It felt a little strange to mourn the loss so deeply considering this was a man I never met, and that got me thinking about the reasons why.

In times ever changing, he was a constant. His music and the insights contained within are interwoven throughout my entire life. I didn’t need anything more than a record and some time to myself, and in these moments, I danced, laughed and cried, but mostly, I learned what it is to be free. A man just doing what he was born to do was so much more than that for me, he was one of my finest teachers and across the years, I was an ever willing student.

In my early days I was subjected to the judgement of others for loving this man, who to others, was just some freak dancing around in heels. He had such strength in his conviction that he was unafraid of the ridicule of others, so through his lead I learned to do the same. Never compromise, integrity matters, and a wall of criticism is just that, a block that gets in the way of where you need to go.

From Sometimes It Snows In April, I began to grasp the concept “always cry for love, never cry for pain”. (I know he didn't write the line that way, I just feel imitation is a cheap form of admiration and so I can't) I must admit, I have failed miserably at this these past few days, but mostly it is the beauty and not the sadness that opens a pathway between my heart and eyes. Negativity is a simpler pursuit. The transformation of my arms from smooth to bumps as the hairs follow and stand to attention, being so enarmoured in a moment that I need to wipe my eyes. From just two lines in one song, I have been gifted with an endless stream of pure, physical expression of happiness.

In a world of mediocrity, his vision was uncompromising. Lucky are we to have witnessed it and perhaps become better people because of the experience. I'm sad he is gone but I am so very glad that he lived. It's time for me to get back to what I learned - gratitude, freedom, love. Hoping this post helps those struggling with the loss to think of the good moments, of which there are many.

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Reply #1 posted 04/28/16 6:50am



Welcome back. Your expression is on point for me. All negativity through the years (35) never stopped me from being a Prince fan. We all have that common bond. Awesome. It is sad that he passed away. He left great memories to be shared. "Free".
"I don't make the rules. I just play"
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Reply #2 posted 04/28/16 6:58am


Your post is beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing such heartfelt thoughts. Prince certainly did touch all of us with a message of positivity, love, inspiration, vision and so much more. We were all lucky to have been affected by his beautiful soul. I truly believe we are all better people because of what we've learned from him through his uniquely powerful music. Many hugs and much love to you and everyone here.

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Reply #3 posted 04/28/16 5:33pm


Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words from both of you, really appreciate it.

I guess what I've found the most difficult this past week is all this noise going on, for lack of a better term. Speculation, demands, negativity. I understand the reasons for that happening but I can't help but wish it was different. Humans are funny that way. I think all of us probably managed to navigate life that little bit better or more easily for listening all of these years. Share some of your moments if you feel like it.

Born. Stuff happened, most of it brilliant. Grateful to have been along for the ride.

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