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Reply #180 posted 05/04/16 12:44pm


I was at work. It was six months exactly previously that I was in Minnesota for my Father's funeral. He was 63 and passed from cancer. I was hoping to make it through the day with minimal emotional outbursts cuz of my Dad anniversary. Didn't quite make it.
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Reply #181 posted 05/04/16 12:54pm


i was out driving / taking care of some errands. the info of Prince' passing came in via the KCBS radio station. i then emotted a primal scream out of disbelief. the rest of the day was a fog as i walked with the feelings of the loss a a great soul.

Related imagethe news 4 me was the worse event in a very long time. i still feel the loss.


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Reply #182 posted 05/04/16 1:23pm


Hey Everyone. This is my first post but I have been on this site over the years. Finally registered after Prince died. Anyhow I was at work when a friend of mine text me "Prince died?" and I clicked out of my work system, went online and googled it and saw that there was something goin going on at PP. I got this deep, sunken feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just knew it was for Prince. Ever since the emergency landing I would come here and check for any updates or google his name for them. I became worried because the whole he was "battling the flu" excuse did not fly with me. I just felt it was something deeper than that. Anyhow, I started shaking while trying to text my sister in law to let her know. I couldnt think straight let alone work. I spent the rest of the day in a daze. It's crazy because the saturday before he passed, my brother, sister in law and I were at my uncles retirement party and we started talking about the emergency landing in Illinois. My brother told me he felt that Prince was going to be the next "Big" name to die. Lo and behold a few days later he dies. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Prince. Although I was a fan I can't say I was a super fan like some on this site. But I will say his death has stirred something in my soul. I can't explain it. I have been listening to his music non stop and reading up on him. I am thankful for this site because it gives me some comfort for some of these feelings that I have. I don't have anyone I can really talk to about how I feel because when I bring him up and start talking everyone looks at me like I am nuts. Anyhow, thank you again to everyone for this site. Have a great day!

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Reply #183 posted 05/04/16 6:46pm



meagemini2 said:

ShadyCups said:

I had been (and still am) very ill and high on some heavy duty painkillers, so it's been hard for me to get out of bed. I grabbed my phone and checked my email and saw that I had gotten a response for an annotated bibliography I had to compile and analyze, and the last two artifacts were of The Beautiful One. I had written it on pills so it wasn't that great, but I was still proud of myself for writing it at all.

Anyway, the pills were and are strong, so I was very sleepy. But because of the fact that I needed to tough it out and get things done despite it all, my mom would text me things to get me up in days past. So that morning I had gotten a text from her that said "They're saying Prince died turn on the TV" and I was like "Mom, that's not funny." But then... disbelief disbelief

I started howling and weeping everywhere. All over the place. Screaming even. I'm not being hyperbolic. I was crying so hard.

I just turned on my playlist of my favorite songs of his and put it on shuffle. I would calm down for a little bit, but then a really, really special one would come up and there I'd go. "Sweet Baby" was what really killed me. It still does when it comes up now.

I got the 49 hour playlist down to 24 to do an all-day tribute show to him at my college's radio station the following monday, but I was and still am too ill to go on that long. So I just did it for 10 1/2 hours. It physically wore me out but I have no regrets, even though hardly anyone listened to it. I cried so much throughout it.

This hasn't really stopped at all. I still cry really hard each night in bed. He meant the world to me for so long.

I'm never gonna get over it.

Feel better! Peace and Love.

Thank you. peace and heart to you, too. hug

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Reply #184 posted 05/04/16 6:53pm



prittypriss said:

sro100 said:

I was at LAX about to get on the plane to MPLS when my brother called me.

Did not believe it.

Bad wi-fi.

Wearing my purple shirt.

Asking folks if it was true. One girl laughed.

That was it.


Interesting to me. I was LAX when I heard the news about M.J.'s passing. There were television screens in the terminals and they were announcing it, and people were standing around watching the television screens.

Yeah, the story was just developing.

What I could not believe however was that the pilot didn't even announce it; We were going from L.A. to MPLS and nary a word from the pilot.

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